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School of Business Education Program

Community Learning Academy offers a School of Business with courses that are designed to develop an understanding of how American economy operates and the role business plays in the economic well-being of this Country. It’s absolutely necessary for students to be able to understand and to utilize technology in their personal and professional lives.   

Program Highlights:

1. 4 Week Program.

2. (3) Required Weekly Instruction Classes.

3. Classes are (1.5) hours long.

4. Total of (12) hours of Instruction.

5. Class option days are:
   Mon/Wed OR Tues/Thurs.

6. 3-5 hours of classwork including practice    test each week

Course Material:

1. Study Guide (Provided)

2. Class Login(Provided)

3. Internet

4. Writing Pen

Program Structure & Format:

1. Student receives a welcome packet    containing the necessary            information and passwords to        attend class online via web          conference and how to complete      assignments, test and the final      exam.

2. Student will login and attend        class on selected days.

3. Teacher will introduce lessons      from workbook and discuss the        point of learning.

4. Student will follow Teacher          instruction with workbook and        complete sample exercises in the    workbook.

5. Students will complete a weekly      practice test online and receive    immediate results from the          Student Affairs Coordinator via      email.

6. Students will complete an essay      assignment and submit document to    the Teacher via email.

7. Student will complete the final      exam at the end of the program      and receive an immediate grade      via email from the Student          Affairs Coordinator.

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