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Community Learning Academy's SAT preparation curriculum consist of comprehensive courses that provide thorough preparation for all areas of the New College Board SAT Exam. It covers content reviews to promote mastery and teaches students the most dynamic and updated methods available. Students build their skills weekly and increase their confidence level over the span of the program.   

Program Highlights:

* 4 Week Program

* 1 Weekly Instruction Class

* Class Lenght is (1) hour 

* Total instruction time is 4 hours

* 2-3 hours of classwork each week

Course Material:

1. Study Guide (Provided)

2. Class Login(Provided)

3. Internet

4. Writing Pen

Program Structure & Format:

1. Student receives a welcome packet      containing the necessary              information and passwords to attend    class online how to complete          the Assignments, Test and Final        Exam.

2. Student will login and attend class    on selected day and time.

3. Teacher will introduce lessons from    workbook and discuss the points of    learning.

4. Student will follow Teacher            instruction and complete example      exercises in the workbook.

5. Students will complete a weekly        practice test from the workbook.

6. Student will complete a Final          Practice Exam at the end of the        program.



Critical Reading            Week 1

Critical Reading Section

Sentence Completion

Passage - Based Reading

Writing Skills              Week 2


The Writing

The Essay

Improving Sentences

Identifying Sentence Errors

Improving Paragraphs


Mathematics Section         Week 3


Number and Operations Review

Algebra and Functions Review

Geometry and Measurement Review

Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability Review 


Practice Final              Week 4

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