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English / Mathematics                       Week 1


Literature                                 Class A

Speech/Language                            Class A

Composition                                Class A

Algebra                                    Class B

Geometry                                   Class B

Probability                                Class B


Social Studies / Science                    Week 2


US History & Government                    Class A

World History & Civilization               Class A

Economics/Consumer Awareness               Class A

Chemistry                                  Class B

Physics Interigration                      Class B

Biology                                    Class B


Fine Arts / Physical Ed / Technical         Week 3


Functional Fine Arts                       Class A

Physical Fitness                           Class A

Health/Safety                              Class A

Vocational/Academic                        Class B

Vocational Words                           Class B

Technology                                 Class B


Career / Electives                          Week 4


Vocational Skills                          Class A

Employability Skills                       Class A

Life Skills                                Class B

Social Interaction                         Class B

Critical Thinking                          Class B 



Critical Reading                 Week 1


Critical Reading Section

Sentence Completion

Passage - Based Reading


Writing Skills                   Week 2


The Writing

The Essay

Improving Sentences

Identifying Sentence Errors

Improving Paragraphs


Mathematics Section              Week 3


Number and Operations Review

Algebra and Functions Review

Geometry and Measurement Review

Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability Review 


Practice Final                   Week 4

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