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Community Learning Academy administers the State High School curriculum that consist of the required courses and credits needed to earn a High School Diploma. 

Program Highlights

 * 6 Week Program

 * 2 Weekly Instruction Classes    * Class lengths is 1 1/2 hours

 * Total 18 hours of instruction

 * 1 hour of classwork weekly.

 * 4 Multiple Choice Test

 * 1 Essay 

 * 1 Final Exam

Course Material:

1. Study Guide (Provided)

2. Class Login (Provided)

3. Internet

4. Writing Pen

Program Structure & Format:

1. Student receives a welcome packet    containing the necessary            information and passwords to        attend classes online and how to    complete assignments, test and      the final exam.

2. Student will login and attend        class on selected days.

3. Teacher will introduce curriculum    from the study guide and discuss    the lessons.

4. Student will follow Teacher          instruction and complete practice    exercises in the study guide.

5. Student will complete a weekly      practice test online.

6. Students will complete an essay      assignment and submit document to    the Teacher via email.

7. Student will complete the final      exam at the end of the program.


               WEEK 1


Literature                    Class A

Speech/Language               Class A

Composition                   Class A


Algebra                       Class B

Geometry                      Class B

Probability                   Class B

                 WEEK 2

SOCIAL STUDIES                    

US History & Government       Class A

World History & Civilization  Class A

Economics/Consumer Awareness  Class A


Chemistry                     Class B

Physics Interigration         Class B

Biology                       Class B

                 WEEK 3

Fine Arts         

Functional Fine Arts          Class A


Physical Fitness              Class A

Health/Safety                 Class A


Vocational/Academic           Class B

Vocational Words              Class B

Technology                    Class B


                  WEEK 4


Vocational Skills             Class A

Employability Skills          Class A


Life Skills                   Class B

Social Interaction            Class B

Critical Thinking             Class B

                 WEEK 5


ESSAY                         Class A

PERSONAL ESSAY                Class B

                 WEEK 6

FINAL EXAM                    Class A

CLOSING CLASS                 Class B

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